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รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 14 February 2020 : Love Songs All Night Long

รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 14 February 2020 : Love Songs All Night Long
01. Anatomy Of Love- Shelleyan Orphan
02. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel- Tavares
03. Woman In Love- Anli Sugano
04. Disco Love - The Saturdays
05. 21世紀まで愛して - Mari Mizutani 
06. AI City (Love City)- Shiro Sagisu
07. Don't Let The Love Pass You By- Native Jane
08. Plastic Love- Yuri Tanaka
09. Cool Down Amina- Keith Douglas
10. Concierto Para Enamorados - Sonia
11. Song For Whoever [Re-recorded version]- The Beautiful South
12. I Just Wanna Stop- Marlene
13. 甜蜜蜜 (Live)- Hyukoh
14. Drive To Love- Tomoko Aran
15. Him And Her- FUR
16. A Time For Us- Astrud Gilberto
17. I Love You So- The Walters
18. Offshore No Koi Bito- Reiko Hayama
19. Magic Touch- 15 16 17
20. I Need Your Lovin'- Teena Marie
21. Woodland- The Paper Kites
22. Love Song- Kumi Nakamura
23. Don't Give Up On Me- Andy Grammer
24. Love Is On The Way- Karen Less featuring The Brothers Amor
25. Sally Cinnamon- The Stone Roses
26. Crazy Love- Junko Yagami
27. On The Sunny Side Of The Street- Pizzicato Five
28. I Wish You Love- Naomi Moody
29. Love You- Primal Scream
30. Everybody Loves My Baby- Brigitte Bardot
31. Wonder- ADOY
32. The Way I Fell For You- Saint Etienne
33. So Many Things- Andrew Goldring
34. Love On Your Mind- Sharon Cuneta
35. I Love How You Love Me- The Paris Sisters
36. When The Boy That You Love (Is Loving You)- Peggy Gaines
37. Love Squalls - Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Five With Friends featuring Yoshie Nakano
38. Oh! My Darlin'- Sayuri Aso
39. My Valentine- Paul McCartney
40. Never Stop Loving You- Cavair featuring Ronnie Canada
# แมวไทย next week's guest
41. Hey Girl- Thalassa
42. I Love You - Haruko Kuwana
43. Good Together - HONNE
44. The Message Is Love- Noriki
45. Everlasting - Albert Posis
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