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รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 05 April 2019 : Spring music

รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 05 April 2019 : Spring music
01, Sky Full Of Song- Florence & The Machine
02, May I Have This Dance- Francis & The Lights featuring Chance The Rapper
03. Flirting And Showing [Special Remix Extended Version]- Fox The Fox
04. Just Kids- F.U.R.S.
05. Angel- Fra Lippo Lippi
06. Lucky Girl- Faderdaze
07. Family Man- Fleetwood Mac
08. Ice- Fake Laugh
09. My Cleopatra [Extended Remix]- The Flaming Mussolinis
10. Let's Go Outside- Far Caspian
11. Someday Man- Georgia Fame
12. Hinode- Fakear
13. We Are Ninja (Not Geisha)- Frank Chickens
14. Don't Send My Love- Film School
15. O Estado Das Coisas- Fernanda Abreu
16. Bored In The USA- Father John Misty
17. Survivor- Mike Francis
18. Peace Crimes- Fever The Ghost
19. 卒業写真- Far East Lovers Orchestra 
20. Swim- Fickle Friends
21. Dance Tonight- Joy Fleming
22. 3AM- Feyde
23. Love Is Ye-Ye (Looking For My Idol)- Fancy Face Groove Name
24. The Noisey Days Are Over- Field Music
25. Let Your Body Move It- Fat Eddy Band
26. Night Time- The fin.
27. Mosaic- Fear Of Men
28. It's A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)- Fighting Caravans
29. Little Fox- Free Level
30. Give It All- Foals
31. Waiting - FSB (Formation Studio Balkanton)
32. Seven Hours- The Fauns
33. Here Comes The Sun- Sharon Forrester
34. Doubles- Fol Chen
35. Stuck With Me- Fortune
36. Living, Loving, Party-Going- Future Bible Heroes
37. Pray Again- Shirley Finney
38. Sun In The Morning- Future Islands
39. Isayaw Mo Pa Ako- Pops Fernandez
40. Dream About You- The Fireworks
# แมวไทย
41. Ghost World- Fever
42. (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All- The 5th Dimension
43. Out Of My League- Fitz And The Tantrums
44. Southern Freeze '87- Freeez
45. Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young)- The Flaming Lips
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