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รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 11 May 2019 : Five New Old live session

รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 11 May 2019 : Five New Old live session
01. Out Of My Reach- Echo Base
02. Thursdays- Grocery
03. Sophie- Uncle Luc
04. Sunsets- Natureboy
05. Chinese Love- The Lychees
06. Papua New Guinea [Monsoon Mix]- The Future Sound Of London
07. Keep Falling In Love- Kevin Krauter
08. Do Di Do Di Do- Pink Tank
# Five New Old in the studio
09. Good Life - Five New Old featuring Stamp
10. Fade Out- Kyoko Koizumi
# Five New Old in session
11. Sunshine [Acoustic live]- Five New Old
12. Good Life [Acoustic live]- Five New Old
13. Let It Begin- Say Sue Me
14. Retox Weekend- AOP
15. Flowers Bloom- Favourite Marine
16. Faaade- Angelo Leroi
17. Etre Ou Ne Pas Naitre- Jane Birkin
18. The Chorus- Stevan
19. Candy Haus- Maika Loubte
20. Bayang-Bayang Jingga- Kiki Maria
21. If I Ain't Got You [Remix]- Alicia Keys & Sizzla
22. Tieduprightnow- Parcels
# DJ Sonny Album Of The Week: The Milky Way - "Summertime Love Song"
23. Theme From A Summer Place- The Milky Way
24. La Costa- The Milky Way
25. Trop Tard- Munya
26. With Or Without- Tracy Huang
27. You'll Be On My Mind- Jakob Ogawa
28. You Bring The Sun Out  [7" promo edit]- Yasuko Agawa
29. Colours Of You- Nic Clay
30. The Break Up Song (They Don't Write 'Em)- Greg Kihn Band
31. Feel At Home- Cbarrgs
32. Stop It!- Keysha
33. This Way- Water Slice
# DJ Nor Album Of The Week: Alison Moyet- "Alf" 
34. For You Only- Alison Moyet
35. Invisible- Alison Moyet
# แมวไทย
36. เพลงที่ไม่ยมกเยอะ ๆ - Present To President
37. Always The Sun [Sunny Side Up Mix]- The Stranglers
38. Love Will Let You Down- Lounge FM
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