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รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 09 March 2018

รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 09 March 2018 : Taiwan Souvenirs

DJ Sonny Album Of The Week: Lesley Duncan "Moon Bathing"
01. Heaven Knows- Lesley Duncan
02. Low- Ballboy
03. I Just Can't Wait [The Cool & Breezy Jazz Version]- Mandy
04. Jeannie Becomes A Mom- Caroline Rose
05. Swing Ting [Smooth edit]- Alexx-A-Game
06. Boyish- Japanese Breakfast
07. Snow Paradise- Yuri Kunizane
08. Short Court Style- Natalie Prass
09. Chairman Of The Board- Mizz
10. If You Know That I'm Lonely- Fur
11. Do You Know Black History- Dr Mary Sullivan Bain
12. Off And On- SALES
13. Disco- Patricia Botton
14. Dolls Look At The Moon- Gentle Forest Jazz Band
15. Do 4 Love [Naughy NMX Mix]- unknown artist
16. Raindrop Blue- King Tuff
17. Donna- Umberto Balsamo
18. Not In Love We're Just High- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
19. Been Around The World- Puff Daddy & The Family featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Ma$e
20. The Blue Marble- GUM
DJ Nor Album Of The Week: Coconuts "Don't Take My Coconuts"
21. Did You Have To Love Me Like You Did?- Coconuts
# Taiwan Souvenirs
22. Where Do You Going- Shallow Levee
23. Remember- Youngr
DJ Sonny Album Of The Week: Lesley Duncan "Moon Bathing" 
24. Jumped Right In The River- Lesley Duncan
25. Tired- Moaning
26. ファッシネイション - Maiko Okamoto
27. Boyfriend (Repeat)- Confidence Man
28. Love Tempo- Love Company
29. Baby - Love Tapes
30. Steppin' Out (Pt 1)- Mind Fair
31. Sleeping Beauty- Night Things
32. うわきなパラダイス急行 - Mariko Fuji
33. Saturdays- Twin Shadow featuring Haim
34. ヨロコビのうた - Sandii & Dennis Bovell
35. Until Then- Broadcast
36. Safe From Harm (Long Version)- Massive Attack
37. Two Scars- Springtime Carnivore
DJ Nor Album Of The Week: Coconuts "Don't Take My Coconuts" 
38. If I Only Had A Brain- Coconuts
39. ถ้าฉันหายไป (Skyline)- เอิ๊ต ภัทรวี
#Taiwan Souvenirs
40. 金巴利 (Campari) -洪申豪 
41. Sunshine Smile- Adorable
42. Our Kwanza Song- The Berry And Coates Friendship Ensemble
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