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รายการแมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 3 November 2017

CAT RADIO - แมวนอก - Tracklisting Friday 03 November 2017 : Whal & Dolph + Safeplanet Double World Premiere
Double World Premiere
01. Halloween- Denise Jannah
02. Let Go- Chocolate Seastorm
03. Say What's On Your Mind- Swimming Tapes
04. Grant Green- Mr Jukes featuring Charles Bradley
05. Distant Drums- The Officials
06. I Won't Cry- Ronnie Davis
07. Born Slippy- Sokabe Keiichi & Inokasira Rangers
08. Falling For U- Peachy
# World Premiere - Whal & Dolph in the studio
09. หากมันจะสายเกินไป (Goodbye)- Whal & Dolph
10. Wonderful Life- Peaky Blinders
11. Let's Do It- Minako Yoshida
12. Lifetime- Straight White Teeth
13. Muj Balon (Up, Up And Away)- Yvetta Simonova
14. Reason- The Nicholas
15. Third Floor Fire Escape View- The Cat's Miaow
16. I Miss You This Much- Yeule
17. No One Knows- Mori-Ra
18. You Weren't There Anymore- Negative Gemini
19. Let Me Fly- Leah Novarro
20. Feel Like Makin' Love- Elizabeth Archer & The Equators
21. Dans L'eau De Nice- Alec Mansion
22. Autobahn- La Brassbanda
23. Czech One- King Krule
# World Premiere
24. ดินแดน (Utopia)- Safeplanet
25. Wu- Leah Dou
26. Oatmeal- Sudan Archives
27. Frisbee- Mainpoint
28. Give Me Just A Little More Time [Extended Version]- Chairmen Of The Board
29. Aaj Shanibar- Rupa
30. Here All Alone- Big Chocolate
31. 三国志ラヴ・テーマ(ヴォカル・ヴァージョン) -  細野晴臣
32. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Marcia Griffiths
34. For Once In My Life- Miami Sound Machine
35. Could- Elderbrook
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